Dec 18, 2014

Baba the Cosmic Barber

Baba is the "Cosmic Barber" from Pushkar, Rajastan, India. (And for the record...he's also been referred to as the "World's Greatest Barber".) He provides basic barber services and afterwards offers his customers a massage called Champissage. However, the massage isn't ordinary, it's cosmic. Baba says that he harnesses "cosmic energy" and transfers it to his clients during the massage.

Check out Baba's work in the videos below:

(Video) World's Greatest Head Massage

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(Video) Baba's Indian Face Massage
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Dec 12, 2014

Admiration: My Realization

"Admiration is the daughter of ignorance." - Benjamin Franklin

I saw this quote today and it got the wheels turning in my brain (ut oh)...LOL!

It got me thinking about the people that we admire in our lives. Most of them we admire because we're not aware of all their faults (if any). If we knew all their faults, I seriously doubt that we would think so highly of them.

There is so much stuff that I know (and have been told) about many different people throughout my life. Most of the stuff that I know I wish I'd never been told.

Honestly, I would gladly pay each person that relayed the info if they'd just take the stuff back and say that it isn't true; or somehow get one of those little flashy things that the Men in Black used to erase memories and zap me with that.

Once someone tells you something, you unfortunately can't un-hear or un-read it.

Nov 28, 2014


Last year on Facebook, I saw a H.P. Lovecraft fan group promoting a midnight, online showing of the Lovecraftian short movie "AM1200".

If you know me in real life, then you probably know that I am a fan of Mr. Lovecraft. Not only have his stories shaped modern day horror sci-fi as we know it, but he is quite an interesting character himself. And I have to admit that I was intrigued by Mr. Lovecraft way before I actually sat down to read any of his stories. It was the man himself that led me to the work.

With that being said, I knew as soon as I read the word "Lovecraftian" that I had to watch this movie.

So, I stayed up and watched the midnight stream on and, wow! I was quickly captivated by this movie and have watched it over and over again since then.

Movie Summary:
Sam Larson has embezzled a large sum of money from his employer. Soon paranoia sets in about being apprehended by the law, he takes off with the money in tow. After driving all day and into the night, Sam turns on the radio to discover a cry for help from a nearby radio station. Sensing the urgency in the man's voice, Sam quickly locates the radio station out in the woods. After one look at the spooky station, he opts not to go in. Unfortunately, the forest has other plans for Sam and won't let him leave. Running out of options, Sam faces his fear and returns to the station. What Sam finds next will change his life forever.

Additional Info:
-Not Rated
-Run Time: Appr. 40 mins.
-Genre: Horror/Suspense

AM1200 Movie Trailer

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Visit the movie's official website here for more information and to purchase the DVD.

Notice: I did not get paid to review or endorse this product.

Aug 8, 2014

You Become a New Person Every 5 to 7 Years

Whether you know it or not, you become a new person every five to seven years. 

This is not so much in a physical sense, but in a mental sense. Your very “being” changes.

You learn and experience new things – some good, some bad – and with these things our outlook on life changes and so does our life path.

Many childhood friends start to grow apart as each person nears adulthood. This is because each of you have experienced many different things in each of your lives. You each adapt and mature at your own pace. Your genetic make-up does also play a hand in this. It’s a fact that some people just mature before others.

Many people are talking about ascension lately. Ascension can mean many different things. In this case, ascension means to better yourself in life – to move up the ladder. As we mature, it’s only natural (for some people) to better themselves.  God never intended for you to go backwards in life.

As you educate yourself and learn from life’s lessons, you start to ascend. Your life path skews upwards and away from those that refuse to move. Therefore, you move up a level in life and you start to leave those behind that are not. (Yeah, it’s sort of like a video game.) Those that you’ve left behind are either stalled, or they are descending. (Yes, you can actually descend.) Descending may be the result of many things such as addictions, or the choice to willingly go back to your old self - but why would you want to do that?

Anyway, thus is the reason that we become new people every 5-7 years and why we leave old relationships behind and thrive for new ones that fit where we currently are in life. The challenge is now finding someone that is willing to grow with you on the same path.

Jul 22, 2014

The Cheapest Hotel in Japan

Check out the cheapest hotel in Japan. It's called The Kimiya and is only $6 a night. The Kimiya is located near the middle of Osaka City in Osaka, Japan.
Would you stay in this hotel?

Jul 9, 2014

Focus on Internal Improvements

Image Source:

I’ve been taking a Psychophysiology class in college which is basically about the templates that you have engrained into your very being and your reactions to them as you move throughout life. In other words, if you’ve been told that you were not good looking or that you were a loser during your younger years, then you grow up believing it. On the flip side, if you were told that you were the best looking guy in your high school, you engrained that into your psyche. Unfortunately, as you begin to age, you may not be the best looking guy anymore. The individual that had been told how good looking he was over and over again throughout their younger years now has this image of themselves as “the most attractive” and would have a hard time accepting that they’re no longer the best looking guy in their group anymore. These types of stimuli and labels that we (and others) attach to us when we are younger (ages 5 through young adulthood) affect us when we become adults and will keep affecting us until we decide to make a change. And that change has to be internal.

So, with all that being said, this now brings me to my main topic of this post which is internal self-improvement.

First off, let me say that I am totally against someone trying to change you from who you really are. If you like sports, then like sports. If you have brown hair and you like your hair color, then have brown hair. I am against someone trying to change or mold someone to what they want them to be.

Nothing irritates me more than a guy starting a romantic relationship with a girl to say, “You know, I really like blondes better. You should bleach you hair blonde.” Really? (I think this guy just won the douche bag of the year award.) On the flip side, women do this to men too whether they want them to look more like Brad Pitt or some other Hollywood heartthrob. Either way, this is wrong.

The only thing that you should really be concerned with is changing who you are on the inside. If you have addictions, let them go. If you have a bad attitude most of the day, strive to change it. If you look at the world with a “glass half empty” view, try changing your outlook to a more positive one. The changes that we should be making are internal, not external.

If you’re not happy with your external appearance and want to change it then that’s fine; but remember that the work has to be done from an internal level first.

Jun 2, 2014

Mysteryville: Hidden Object Game

Mysteryville was one of the very first hidden object games that I ever tried. From the moment that I started playing, I was hooked.

In the game, you play a journalist named, Laura Winner, who is writing an article about the town of Mysteryville for Countryside Life Magazine. During her visit, Laura learns that the town’s cats have been coming up missing left and right. This peaks Laura’s interest and she sets out to uncover who’s stealing the felines.

Check out the game play in the video. (I think the music is so catchy!)

If you can't view the video correctly on your mobile device, click here to watch on YouTube.

Apr 13, 2014

"Chaiyya Chaiyya" (Walk in the Shade of Love)

"Chaiyya Chaiyya" is such an awesome song. It is sung by famous Indian singers Sukhwinder Singh and Sapna Awasthi.

In 2002, "Chaiyya Chaiyya" was named #9 in BBC World Service's "The World's Top Ten" most popular songs of all time.

The music video for "Chaiyya Chaiyya" is most famous for being filmed atop a moving train in Tamil Nadu, India.

English Lyrics via

Jinke sar ho ishq ki chaaon
Paaon ke neeche jaanat hogi
Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya

Those who walk in the shade of love
Must have Paradise under their feet
Keep walking in the shade of love

Sar ishq ki chhaaon chal chaiyya chaiyya
Pau janat chale chal chaiyya chaiyya
(Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya) x4

In the shade of love, keep walking
Paradise under their feet, keep walking
Keep walking in the shade of love

Voh yaar hai jo khushboo ki tarah
Voh jiski zubaan urdu ki tarah
Meri shaam raat, meri kaayanat
Voh yaar mera sainya sainya

The companion who walks along like fragrance
Who whispers in a melodious tongue (Urdu)
Is my evening, night, my universe
My beloved, my love

Gulposh kabhi itraaye kahin
Mehke to nazar aa jaaye kahin
Taaveez banaake pehnoon usay
Aayat ki tarah mil jaaye kahin

(Who) conceals herself in the flowers
And is revealed in the fragrance
Made into a charm, I would wear her
If I ever find her like a miracle

Voh yaar hai jo imaam ki tarah
Mera nagma vohi mera qalma vohi
Mera nagma nagma mera qalma qalma

My companion, who is like a priest to me
She is my song, my declaration of faith
My song, my declaration of faith

Woh yaar misaale ous chale
Paaon ke tale firdous chale
Kabhi daal daal, kabhi paat paat
Main hawa pe dhoondhoon uske nishaan

My companion, who moves like the dew drops
With paradise under the feet
Sometimes on the branches, sometimes on the leaves
I search for her trail in the breeze

Main uske roop ka shehdaai
Vo dhoop chhanv se harjaai
Vo shokh hai rang badalta hai
Main rangroop ka saudaai

I am a lover of all her forms
Who flirts with light and shadow
She is mischievous, and changes colour
And I am a seeker of the colours and forms

Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya
Keep walking in the shade of love