Feb 5, 2015

Body Modification: Elf Ears

The newest form of body modification as of late is elf ears. Yes, elf ears as in "Legend of Zelda" or "Lord of The Rings".

Elf Ears || Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda || Photo via www.superbwallpapers.com

As I understand it, there are three procedures for making your ears permanently elf-like.

The first would be ear-pointing which is where they remove a triangular piece from your ear and then suture it to make the point.

The second would be ear-shaping which is where they cut the top of your ear to the desired shape.

The third would be having pointed implants inserted into the top portion of your ear.

(Note: If either is done in a body modification shop and not by a plastic surgeon, well, you're probably going to feel some pain. This is because body modification artists are not legally allowed to use anesthesia.)

Then again, you could save thousands of dollars and just buy the costume ones at a local party store or make your own.

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