Aug 8, 2014

You Become a New Person Every 5 to 7 Years

Whether you know it or not, you become a new person every five to seven years. 

This is not so much in a physical sense, but in a mental sense. Your very “being” changes.

You learn and experience new things – some good, some bad – and with these things our outlook on life changes and so does our life path.

Many childhood friends start to grow apart as each person nears adulthood. This is because each of you have experienced many different things in each of your lives. You each adapt and mature at your own pace. Your genetic make-up does also play a hand in this. It’s a fact that some people just mature before others.

Many people are talking about ascension lately. Ascension can mean many different things. In this case, ascension means to better yourself in life – to move up the ladder. As we mature, it’s only natural (for some people) to better themselves.  God never intended for you to go backwards in life.

As you educate yourself and learn from life’s lessons, you start to ascend. Your life path skews upwards and away from those that refuse to move. Therefore, you move up a level in life and you start to leave those behind that are not. (Yeah, it’s sort of like a video game.) Those that you’ve left behind are either stalled, or they are descending. (Yes, you can actually descend.) Descending may be the result of many things such as addictions, or the choice to willingly go back to your old self - but why would you want to do that?

Anyway, thus is the reason that we become new people every 5-7 years and why we leave old relationships behind and thrive for new ones that fit where we currently are in life. The challenge is now finding someone that is willing to grow with you on the same path.