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Hi everyone!  Thank you so much for taking an interest in my writing. Below is a list of my books currently available online.


Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Space Adventure

Essell, a space scrap collecting company, is on the verge of bankruptcy thanks to its new (and corrupt) competitor, Orbit Scrap. 

Armagh Tahli, determined to save her parent’s company, throws together a scrapping crew of her own and heads out to score the ultimate scrap haul of all time: an abandoned ghost ship called the Polaris

Bringing back the Polaris would not only save Essell, but is also rumored to hold one of the Universe’s greatest treasures: the magical Crystal of Enid. 

Along the way, they meet the beautiful yet mischievous space pirate, Quinn Nala, who offers to help them in locating the ghost ship. 

Armagh doesn’t like Quinn but knows that she might be the only one that can help them complete their mission to save Essell.

"Salvage" is currently available online from these marketplaces:

Watch my introduction of "Salvage" below:

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